About us

RKM was formed with the focus on partnering with the customer community to ensure that their HR Technology solutions are delivered successfully.


RKM advisors establish ongoing working relationships with companies to achieve the best possible return on their HR Technology investment.


Our focus is on the customer; we are not a systems aligned implementation partner. We focus on you to ensure that your goals and objectives are achieved.

Our focus is to ensure that you the customer complete the required steps, deliverables and developments to deliver a successful and complete solution, partnering with you for success.

Our focus is on ensuring that your implementation partners deliver to the statement of work and deliverables that meet your business and solution requirements.

Our Roles

The roles and responsibilities outlined are the potential roles that RKM Consulting can provide to customers to increase their project success. These roles might be for;

  • The length of your project,

  • required for a short period to establish a strategy,

  • or in peak periods.

  • Our Project Managers come with years of experience delivering HR technology solutions. They will work to establish the right governance and quality frameworks for your organisation.
    Managing the project delivery, vendors, budget and scope are a vital part of their role, but the intangibles of lessons learned of cloud and on-premise projects allows them to guide you to the right outcomes.

    Project delivery consultants work alongside the customer Process Leads and SME’s. They will take the workload off the BAU resources and be responsible for managing the design workbooks, systems testing and admin tasks. This role morphs as the projects moves through the lifecycle, into testing, data and cutover roles as the project dictates.
    This role can also help build the solution if the customer requires and can extend the approved solution if the implementation partner does not have the capacity or a change request is required.

    Project Manager

    Project Delivery Consultant

    Project Delivery

  • How many architects do you need? We deliver one who will work closely with project management and your IT team to ensure the solution achieves your business outcomes.
    Key responsibilities consist of managing the integration, architectural design and data design to ensure the delivered solution considers the end user, is flexible, scalable and manageable post go-live.

    Our Technology lead works with the Project Manager, IT group and Architecture teams to ensure the new technology solution aligns with your existing technical landscape. They will manage the technical design, integration, development of workflows, interfaces, forms and production deployment.



    and Leads

    Technology Leads

    HCM Solutions and Technology & Integration

  • Testing may seem obvious and simple, but the complexity of your project and landscape could lend itself to multiple iterations, integration and regression requirements. Having a clear testing strategy and responsibility for execution is required. The planning and execution of Sprint/ Iteration, User Acceptance, System Integration, Regression, Security, Payroll Parallel and Production Verification Testing phases are generally required.

    How many testers do you need? How many business people have the time and experience to know what to test? The testing analysts are experts and specialise in testing. They will work with the Testing Manager and business SME’s to write and execute the test scripts in all the approved test phases.

    Test Manager

    Test Analyst

    Testing and Quality Assurance

  • The common denominator in any change is your people. While the organisation is implementing a new solution, people need to adapt, embrace and accept the change. Our change managers bring practices that aim to minimise disruption and enhance employee engagement.

    Works with the change manager and business to execute the change plan, communications plan, engage with stakeholders and ensure the required go live communications.

    Change Manager

    Change Analyst

    Change Management

  • Data, Data, Data; It is a crucial aspect of all solutions. Our data analysts will work with and for the business SME’s/system owners to identify the data required for the new solutions. They will complete the data mapping, and execute the data loads for User Acceptance Testing, Trial Cutover and Go Live phases.

    Data Analyst

    Data Management

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