About us

RKM was formed with the focus on partnering with the customer community to ensure that their HR Technology solutions are delivered successfully.


RKM advisors establish ongoing working relationships with companies to achieve the best possible return on their HR Technology investment.


Our focus is on the customer; we are not a systems aligned implementation partner. We focus on you to ensure that your goals and objectives are achieved.

Our focus is to ensure that you the customer complete the required steps, deliverables and developments to deliver a successful and complete solution, partnering with you for success.

Our focus is on ensuring that your implementation partners deliver to the statement of work and deliverables that meet your business and solution requirements.

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Our Roles

The roles and responsibilities outlined are the potential roles that RKM Consulting can provide to customers to increase their project success. These roles might be for;

  • The length of your project,

  • required for a short period to establish a strategy,

  • or in peak periods.