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Partnered for Success

RKM was awarded with the Officeworks People Partner Award 2020

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Officeworks People Partner Award 2020

The RKM team provided expertise across a wide range of project roles for the SuccessFactors implementation. The people who held these roles are all specialists in their area, they welcomed all the Officeworks team into the new world of SuccessFactors, sharing all they know to upskill the team and bringing us all together as one team, creating a high level of trust in the timeliness of the delivery and the quality of the outcome.

The RKM team integrated themselves alongside us, all working as one team. This integration was really important as the team transitioned to the new COVID normal way of working, as the RKM team stepped up alongside the Officeworks Evolution Team to deliver a complex project from our homes. The RKM team were very flexible in helping the internal team to solve problems that weren’t necessarily in their remit and well as providing broader advice on how to work with other vendors. They celebrated our Successes alongside us, and continue to dig deep and deliver when required.


Since SuccessFactors went live, the RKM team has continued to provide Officeworks  administration support with SuccessFactors. The team are involved daily with the People and IT Teams, providing best practice advice, suggesting enhancements to deliver more efficient outcomes, or guide various stakeholders through new processes. The RKM team really have joined forces with Officeworks to help us make bigger things happen.


Brooke Dellios,

Head of People Strategy and Services Organisational Capability


Bianca Lanigan,

IT Project Manager – Program Evolution

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